Sound is common in our surrounding and we can hear any of it, the sounds of wind, sounds of animals, and the voice of the people around us. Listening is not only the act of hearing sounds in our surrounding and hearing what people around us are saying or talking about. Listening is the act of hearing with focused-attention to the sound.

Everyone can listen to a sound, music, a speech, lectures and also to someone who is talking to them. Everyone can listen but not all can be an effective listener. We can say that someone is an effective listener if he/she can focus to the speaker and to the topic that the speaker is talking about. Some listeners feel boredom whenever they are going to listen to a speech or even the lecture in class and this characteristic is not a characteristic of an effective listener.

Effective listener can paraphrase what the speaker has said. This is a proof that he/she, the listener have learned from what the speaker is talking about. In a formal situation, effective listener sits with a proper posture, looks in the eyes of the speaker and hears what the speaker I talking about with understanding. He/she avoids mannerism that will catch the attention of everyone around him/her. He/she keeps his/her attention to the speaker. An effective listener can broaden the idea made by the speaker.

By listening we can learn, and gain knowledge. We can say that we are an effective listener if we possess some characteristics of an effective listener stated before. (Hazel Ann Escorpizo)